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Madeira Venues

So, you want to get married in a European island, full of beautiful flowers, sunny all year, stunning views, friendly people and all that you can dream of, for a perfect wedding? You found it! It’s Madeira.

In Madeira, there are a lot of great wedding venues that can make your dream day, or the renewal of your vows, come true. You can choose a five star hotel, a palm tree garden, a rustic country house to celebrate, and party with your friends, golf club, a yacht club, a ship, and many other amazing venues. The choices are unlimited and never desapoint.

  • Quinta Weddings

    Quinta Weddings
    Madeira Quintas boast large, spacious blooming gardens, brimming with the rarest and most varied plant life, and offer spaces that encourage you to rest and relax or simply gaze at nature. They are indeed ideal places for a Dream Wedding. Famous all over the world for its natural beauty, the Island of Madeira is often called “the floating garden of the Atlantic”. Here, the hues of the vegetation that covers the hillsides are matched only in the exotic flowers that bloom from every recess.
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  • Ocean Weddings

    Ocean Weddings
    A Madeira é a ilha mais romântica de Portugal, com vistas deslumbrantes para o oceano. Selecionamos os locais mais exclusivos de frente para o mar nesta ilha mágica, onde você terá um Dia de Sonho!
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